The Quinncia Interview Experience

Before Your Interview

  1. You will receive a link in your email 15 minutes before the scheduled interview.
  2. Ensure you are using Chrome or Firefox
  3. You have 48 hours to use the link to complete the interview. 

Starting Your Interview

  1. Open the email reminder we sent you and click on the link to start your interview.
    1. You can also navigate to your dashboard and click Start the Interview in the Interview widget.

  2. Share access to your microphone and camera. 

  3. Verify that Quinn can hear you by talking loudly enough for lines to appear around the microphone.
  4. Click Quinn Heard Me. 

  5. Click the blue microphone to check your audio. 
  6. Select Continue. 

During Your Interview

Carefully listen to Quinn's directions at the beginning so you don’t feel caught off-guard during your interview. Each interview consists of 7 questions that change each time you complete an interview. You have 2 minutes to answer the first question and 90 seconds for each following question. 


You can retake the interview if you don't feel strongly about how you performed. Once you click Submit Feedback, please keep your browser open for a few minutes while we upload your interview to our servers for feedback analysis.

You will typically receive your feedback via email 20-30 minutes after submitting your interview. However, Quinn can take up to 24 hours to analyze your interview during busy times. Do not wait until the last minute!

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