Sharing Camera and Microphone Access

To complete your mock AI interview with Quinn, you must share camera and microphone access with Quinncia. Quinn analyzes your speech and behaviors as part of the feedback process, and sharing permission allows her to see and hear you. 

  1. The system will prompt you to share access before your interview starts.

  2. Select the microphone and camera you will be using from the drop-down menu and click Share Access.

  3. On the next screen, you can test your audio to make sure Quinn can hear you. Lines appear around the mic if she can.

  4. You can also check your camera and microphone with these tests. 
  5. If the system does not function properly, try a different browser or clear your browser's cache. 
    1. You can download Chrome or Firefox here. 
  6. Once you give access and test your audio and video, you can start your interview! 

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