Can I Practice My Mock Interview?

Practice interviews within Quinncia let you get comfortable with the look and feel of a virtual interview. You have the opportunity to try out some sample questions without being recorded or receiving any feedback. 

Just click on "MENU" at the top right corner of your page. Then click "PRACTICE INTERVIEW".

There, you can practice different types of interviews for all majors.

Select Self-Assessment, Behavior, Analytical, or Major- and Industry-Related Questions. The first 3 are VERY common types of questions. It’s safe to anticipate that any interview will include Self-Assessment, Behavior, or Analytical questions in some way, shape, or form.  

Which industry did you choose the last time you updated your resume on Quinncia? The questions you’ll get in this category are directly tied to that! To make your practice sessions as effective as possible, you should research the industry you're going into. 

Want to try another industry out? Simply upload your resume again, and then choose a different industry during that process. Go ahead, and test as many as you'd like!

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