Can I Practice My Mock Interview?

Quinncia offers mock interviews so you can get comfortable with the look and feel of a virtual interview, as well as prepare for questions they may ask you during an actual interview. If you don't want to complete a full interview with Quinn, you can try out sample questions without being recorded or receiving any feedback. 

  1. Click the three menu lines at the top right corner of your page.
  2. Click Practice Interview.

  3. Select Self-Assessment, Behavior, Analytical, or Major- and Industry-Related Questions to practice very common questions. It's safe to assume that any interview will include Self-Assessment, Behavior, or Analytical questions.

  4. Select Behavior Questions to practice questions in which you have to describe your behavior during a situation. 
  5. Select Analytical Questions to practice questions that evaluate your problem-solving skills. 
  6. Select Major and Industry Related Questions for questions tailored to the industry you listed on your resume analysis. Research the industry you wish to go into to make the practice session as effective as possible. 
    1. Upload your resume again and choose a different industry to test as many as you'd like! 

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