How To Schedule Your Mock Interview

One of Quinncia's key features is the mock interview using AI. These sessions provide useful feedback that will help you ace your interviews! Follow these steps to schedule your mock interview: 

  1. Log in to Quinncia
  2. If you're new to Quinncia, the system will prompt you to upload a PDF version of your resume. Refer to this article if you need help uploading your resume.
  3. Navigate to the Schedule Your Interview widget and click Schedule. 

  4. Choose a date and time. You have to schedule at least 15 minutes in advance to ensure that you have time to set up and prepare.

  5. Receive an email in your inbox to confirm your interview time.
  6. Spend a few minutes practicing. Utilize the tips that we send in the email!

  7. You will receive an email to connect to your interview about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Don't be late!

  8. Follow the link to start your interview. You will have 2 minutes to complete the first questions and 90 seconds for every question after.
If you run into any issues, contact us with the Get Help button or email our support team.

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