How Do I Upload My Resume?

Follow these instructions when you are ready to upload your resume:

  1. Open your email from Quinncia in your inbox. 
  2. Follow the link and register your account. 
  3. Log in and access your dashboard. 
  4. Activate your license on your dashboard page using the blue 'activate license' button
  5. Navigate to the resume widget on your dashboard page and click Upload Resume. 
  6. Upload your resume in PDF format.

    Note: Use a recently downloaded/exported PDF version of your resume to avoid file corruption. 

  7. Your experience and education information will auto-populate in Quinncia. Edit/add any details in these sections. 
  8. Share the industry you would like to break into.

    Note: Don't stress too much if you don't know! You can change this as many times as you want! 

  9. Upload your resume. 
  10. Review the score, improvements, and analysis provided by Quinn.
  11. Note: Quinn shows your score in comparison to other students at your university. 
    1. Hover over the specific analysis or click the call out to see in-depth recommendations on how to improve your score.
    2. The analysis calculates your score based on three categories: generic, formatting, and content improvements.  
  12. Review and implement the improvements you received on your resume analysis.

    Tip: After editing your resume, upload another version to see if you can increase your score!

  13. You can move on to the interview portion after completing your resume analysis. 

If you still need assistance, watch this short how-to video! 

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