How to Quantify Bullet Points

Quinncia users frequently receive resume improvements that say Quantification Missing...but what does that mean? This improvement highlights unquantified bullet point descriptions. Quinn recommends quantifying bullet points to make them more impactful for both the ATS and hiring manager. 

Keep in mind that improvements are just suggestions, so you do not have to address them. You don't need to worry if you can't quantify a bullet point or it just doesn't make sense when quantified. The improvement will continue to show up on your resume analysis, but you can ignore it. 

Do not make up numbers or lie on your resume just to quantify a bullet point!

Creating bullet points can be the most challenging part of writing your resume, particularly when you have to quantify your experiences. Bullet point descriptions should follow this format: Performed x to do y resulting in z.

This format includes an essential skill, a technical skill, and a quantification. Each portion of the sentence is critical and can strengthen your overall resume content and scores, but we find that essential and technical skills are the most important parts. 

If you can add quantifications: 

  • Write them as a monetary or percentage value (i.e., you increased something by X% or saved $X).
    • Computers often recognize numbers without these symbols as an applicant’s phone number or address, so it is important to use % or $.
  • Highlight the result of your previous experience to prove that you completed work while simultaneously demonstrating that you contributed to the organization's overall goals and the big picture. 
  • Focus on the outcome of what you did and why you did it.
    • Doing so helps show potential employers the impact you can have on their organization to help them achieve their goals. 

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