How to Clear Flags and Improvements

Did you receive flags or improvements on your resume analysis and don't know how to fix them? Rather than just ignoring them, you should try your best to resolve them. 

Flags: Flags are edits that you SHOULD make. Quinn identifies things that may cause the ATS to instantly reject your resume and uses flags to alert you of the issues. 

Improvements: Quinn generates an extensive list of improvements and provides a detailed explanation of how to implement these improvements. 

Your goal should be to remove all of the red flags. Quinn can suggest an unlimited number of yellow improvements, so we recommend targeting 10 or fewer improvements on your resume or to meet your school’s benchmark.

We provide a link to our helpdesk videos and articles at the bottom of every flag or improvement. These resources provide detailed information about updating your resume to resolve flags or improvements, and they explain what the flag or improvement means. 

Our support team is here to help! Reach out today if you are struggling to remove flags or improvements. 

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