How to write bullets with quantified outcome?

Writing bullet points can be the most challenging part of a resume, especially when it comes time to quantify your experience. Bullet points should include an essential skill, a technical skill, and a quantifiable outcome. 

So...What does that look like?

“Performed x to do y resulting in z.”

In this example, “z” is the result, or quantifiable outcome, and is very important… the majority of people don’t include it on their resume! 

When writing your quantifiable outcome you should:

  • Write them as a monetary or percentage value (i.e., you increased something by X% or saved $X).
    • Oftentimes, computers confuse numbers without these symbols as an applicant’s phone number or address, so it is important to use a "%" or "$."
  • Highlight the result of your previous experience to not only prove you did something... but also show that you understand the big picture and that you contributed towards the goal of the organization.
  • Focus on the final outcome of what you did – and why you did it.
    • This helps explain to a potential employer how you can contribute towards their organization and help them achieve their goal.

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