How to Move to the Next Interview Question

Quinncia AI interviews run through a list of seven practice questions. The questions always begin with Please tell me a bit about yourself. Quinn will then ask you to answer six remaining questions that span self-assessment, behavior, analytical, and major/industry-related questions. 

Since no two students are the same, each interview will be different! You should be ready to discuss your stories, experiences, and skills in different ways. You should prepare for your interview by reading our PDF that outlines helpful tips about both in-person and virtual interviews. 

You have two minutes to respond to the first question, and 90 seconds to respond to each of the following ones. While completing the interview, do your best to get through each of the questions. You must spend at least 10 seconds on a question before you can click the blue arrow to move on to the next one.

If this button is grayed out, you have not spent enough time on the current question and must wait before moving on to the next one. If 10 seconds pass and the arrow does not turn blue, please reach out to our support team for help!  

You can always practice interview questions ahead of time with our sample questions. This option allows you to skip questions without being recorded or scored!

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