I Can't Register my Email

There are six possible reasons why you may have difficulty registering your email: 

  1. You didn't use your school email address. Make sure you use your .edu email address to register your Quinncia account. 
  2. Your school uses a Single Sign-On (SSO). Please reach out to your professor or your career team if you don't know how to access this.
  3. You misspelled your email. Honestly, it happens to the best of us.
  4. Your school uses two (2) or more email IDs. Try both emails to see which one works. 

    Example: Sample University: @sampleu.edu and @sampu.edu
  5. You never received your confirmation email. Follow the instructions in this article
  6. Your school may not partner with us. In that case, talk to your career center to see if they would partner with Quinncia!

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