Trouble Registering Your Email

If you are having trouble registering your email there are six (6) possibilities of error:

  • Use your school email address
  • Your school uses a Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Please reach out to your professor or your career team if you don't know how to access this.
  • You misspelled your email
    • Honestly, it happens to the best of us.
  • Your school uses two (2) or more email IDs
    • Example University: and
    • Try both emails to see which one works.
  • Are you missing your confirmation email from Quinncia that you were expecting?
    • Please check your SPAM folder first. Make sure you mark all emails from quinncia as important and move them to your inbox.
    • If you still don't see anything after 15-20 minutes please send us your school email address in the "need help button" and state that you have not received your Welcome email or the link to your interview.
    • If we are not available then send an email to using your university email address. We will confirm your email within 24hrs. 
  • Your school may not partner with us.  Tell your career center you're interested in Quinncia if that's the case!

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