Why Won’t My Resume Upload?

If you are struggling to upload your resume, don't panic! The following information can help you troubleshoot to determine what you need to do to upload your resume: 

  1. You have images or graphics on your resume
  2. You submitted a scanned version of your resume 
  3. The PDF you tried to upload is corrupt. Resave your PDF from the original Word/Google Document. 
  4. Your resume builder exported your resume as an image instead of a PDF. 

Try removing images/graphics, submitting a non-scanned version, resaving your PDF, or saving your resume as a PDF instead of an image. 

Please note: The Upload PDF box does not change when you upload your resume. The Resume Name box populates if your document was uploaded successfully. 

If you are still struggling, watch this for more information about uploading your resume! 

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