How To: Register Account and Upload Resume

  1. You should receive a link to your Quinncia profile in your student email.
  2. Follow the link and register your account.
    1. If your school uses SSO, type in your university email and follow your typical sign-in process to create your account. 
    2. If your school does not use SSO, type in your university email, enter the verification code sent to your email, fill out your full name and password, to create your account.
  3. “You have successfully registered”
    1. Click "Activate Your License" at the top of your profile to utilize the resume and AI interview tools.

  4. Under the resume widget, click "Upload" to upload your first resume. 
    1. Tip: Whether you're using Microsoft Word, Google docs, or anything else, a PDF is the preferred format when you apply for jobs online and for using Quinncia.
    2. Be sure to use a recently downloaded/exported PDF version of your resume. This will ensure your file doesn't come across as corrupt to Quinn or any ATS system you use in the future. 
    3. If you upload an older PDF Quinn may come back with 100+ improvements to be made on your resume.
    4. Quinn is placed over a sophisticated applicant tracking system (ATS) just like the ones companies use to filter through resumes on job postings.

  5. Once you've added your resume, a page will show up similar to other application systems where you can edit/add information for your Education and Experience sections.
    1. If anything is not as you intended, we'll tell you why during your resume feedback analysis.
  6. Fill out your desired industry you may choose to enter. 
    1. Don't stress this too much if you don't know, you can change this as many times as you want.

  7. Upload.
  8. Review improvements and analysis.
    1. Quinn will show your score in comparison to other students at the university.
    2. Click through “General,” “Formatting,” and “Content,” to see more in-depth recommendations on how to improve your score. 
    3. Flags and Improvements are highlighted ON the student's resume.
      1. Flags: edits that need to be made for students' resumes to parse ATS.
        1. Flags are highlighted in red.
      2. Improvements: optional recommendations for students to improve their resumes.
        1. The improvements are highlighted in yellow.
      3. Once a student selects the highlighted area, they will see the suggestion in a pop-up window. 
    4. Quinn will also show you the technical and essential skills showcased on your resume. 
  9. Once you review your improvements and implement them, try uploading another resume to see if you can increase your score.
  10. After the resume portion is completed you will be able to move on to the AI interview portion. 

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