How to Register an Account and Upload a Resume

  1. Check your student email for a link to your Quinncia profile. 
  2. Click the link and follow the instructions to register your account.
    1. If your school uses single sign-on (SSO), type in your university email and follow your usual sign-in process to create your account. 
    2. If your school does not use SSO, type in your university email, enter the verification code sent to your email and fill out your full name and password to create your account.
  3. Once registered, a message appears that says You have successfully registered.
  4. Open your account to view the dashboard.
  5. Click Activate License at the top of your profile.

  6. Under the Resume widget, click Upload to upload your first resume. 
  7. Once you add your resume, a page appears that allows you to edit/add information in your Education and Experience sections. 

    Please Note: We will share information as to why things may not be as you intended during your feedback analysis. 
  8. Fill out the industry you wish to work in. 

    Please Note: Don't stress too much if you don't know. You can change this as many times as you want.

  9. Upload your resume. 
  10. Review suggested improvements and analysis. Quinn compares your score to those of other students at your university.
    1. Click General > Formatting > Content to see additional in-depth recommendations for improving your score. 
    2. Flags are highlighted in red and Improvements are highlighted in yellow on the student's resume. Students must make the flagged edits so their resumes can parse ATS. Improvements are just optional recommendations for students to improve their resumes.
    3. Suggestions appear in pop-up windows once a student selects the highlighted area. 
    4. Quinn also shows you the technical and essential skills highlighted on your resume. 
  11. Try uploading another resume to see if you can increase your score after you review the feedback and make changes. 
  12. You can move on to the AI interview portion after completing the resume portion. 

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