How Do I Share My Quinncia Profile?

  • Login to your profile
  • Click "My Profile" on the Profile widget 

  • Complete your profile 100% (you will not be able to share your profile unless it is complete!)
  • Once you have completed your profile 100% a widget will appear that says “Become visible!”

  • Once you click the toggle, your profile will be viewable by anyone you share your profile link with 

  • At the bottom of the widget, you can share your profile across different social media platforms or directly to your professor via email 
    • Although you shouldn’t need to send your profile, analysis, or anything to your professor or advisor because they have the ability to view your profile and resume and interview analyses on their end

  • You can also "Preview Your Profile" to see what employers, colleges, and friends would see if you shared your profile with them 

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