Should I Include My GPA?

The simple answer is it's up to you! 

GPAs are completely optional on your resume. Adding a GPA can make your resume stronger overall, especially if you have above a 3.0. Here are the most common reasons to include or omit your GPA: 

Reasons to include: 

  1. Job application requirements
  2. Above a 3.0 (higher GPAs can help you stand out)
  3. You are right out of college (companies may look at your GPA as a reflection of your work ethic)

Reasons to omit: 

  1. You don't have one (you may be a first-year student who does not yet have an accumulated GPA)
  2. Lower than 3.0 (a low GPA isn't necessarily bad, it's just not communicated clearly through resume)
  3. You have multiple years of work experience

Take these reasons into consideration, THEN decide if you want to include or omit your resume!

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