​Should I Be Concerned About Interviewing with AI?

As AI becomes more prevalent in our society, people are starting to wonder whether or not they should use it. Should I do a mock interview with AI or not? This topic should be of concern to all applicants, but you have nothing to worry about with AI interviewing technology!

Companies have worked hard to ensure that their AI interview tools are inclusive and robust because of previous discrimination in other AI technologies. They do so by supplementing reliability tests with a human follow-up. For example, if an AI did not detect any facial movement during an AI interview, the interview would be flagged and require the hiring manager/interview reviewer to review the applicant's interview. Humans are always included in the interview process to check for inconsistencies and improve the system.

AI technologies are trained to leave out biases, unlike humans. If an interview is flagged due to prejudice or bias, the company fixes it immediately by retraining and updating the technology. It is impossible to do the same with humans. If a human is prejudiced or biased, you usually cannot pinpoint it unless they blatantly state something. In this regard, AI technologies have actually increased diversity over time.

The main responsibility with AI interviewing still falls on the hiring manager when setting up the interview. They must ensure that they create fair questions to target a diverse pool of applicants. You can always reach out to the company directly if you have concerns over the AI technology you are interviewing with.

Fortunately, laws are also moving in the right direction to protect applicants using AI. A law in Illinois went into effect in January 2022 that requires any company that solely uses AI for the entry-level interview process to submit a yearly demographics report of who was accepted and who was rejected to the Illinois state government. This law will help ensure AI technologies aren't biased towards candidates. Read more about this law here

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