Setting Up Your Laptop for the Interview

Some of the most critical aspects of your AI interview are the preparation and setup. The AI cannot evaluate your interview properly if the lighting or camera angle is not good. Low performance in these categories can decrease your overall score for both Quinncia and real AI interviews.

Setting up for the interview will be a bit different depending on the device you use. When preparing and setting up for an interview on your laptop, be sure to: 

  • Update your laptop to the latest iOS or Windows version.
  • Check your camera angle.
    • The angle should directly align to your face or be slightly angled downward. You don't want the AI to see up your nose! 
    • If needed, prop your laptop on books or a stand. 
  • Prepare and test your lighting! 
    • Lights from above or behind your computer screen will brighten your face. 
    • Do not sit in front of or next to a window. Doing so will dim your face. 
    • Make sure that the light from above does not create a halo above your head. 

If you have questions about other ways you can prepare for your AI interview, check out this article!

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