How Long Should My Resume Be?

Determining the length of your resume is always tricky. It is important to demonstrate all of your experiences, skills, and capabilities on your resume...but it is equally important to show respect for hiring managers by keeping your resume as concise as possible. 

At Quinncia, we suggest different resume lengths depending on how much experience you have. If you are a graduate student or someone with many years of experience (e.g., 10+ years), a two-page resume is fine. However, if you are an undergraduate student about to enter the workforce, we recommend sticking to a single page. 

Quinn analyzes your resume and provides feedback based on other resumes of students at your university within your grade level when you upload your resume. Based on this feedback combined with general recommendations by employers, we recommend sticking to one-page resumes for undergraduate students. 

You can find a single-page, easy-to-follow resume template here!

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