(Expected) Graduation Date Missing

When you are in college, one of the most important details to include on your resume is your expected graduation date in the Education section. Employers use this information to know if you have already graduated or when you plan on graduating for hiring purposes. You do not need to know the exact date, but make sure you include the anticipated month and year. 

You do not have to include your start date because ATS are not looking for that. You can control how much you share about the amount of time you took to graduate. 

It's unnecessary to write Expected, Graduated, or Graduating before your graduation date because people automatically assume that the month and year written are the date(s) you graduate(d). 

The best way to write your graduation date is the Month followed by the year. 

Example: May 2022

Follow this format when writing your education experiences: 

University Name, College Name                                          Month Year
Degree, Major; GPA (optional): X.XX 

Watch this video to learn more about what information to include in your education section. 

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