Formatting Your Skills Section

There are a couple of different formats that work when writing your skills section, but having it improperly formatted can be detrimental to your skills parsing correctly. 

First and foremost, you should have your skills section at the end of your resume as one of the last sections. You should be highlighting most skills you have in your bullet points of your experience section as achievements. The skills section at the end is to highlights additional skills you have on top of the ones listed in your experience section. 

Second, when listing your skills it's incredibly important that you separate them. You don't want them to come across as a jumbled-together mess to the ATS. Using commas or even bullets can be the best way to do that. 

You can use commas to list your skills like this:

Or you can use bullets to make columns of your list like this: 

DO NOT use columns without bullets, when the computer reads them from left to right it won't make any sense. To learn more about formatting columns watch this short video:

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